Day 2 Post Akasha - A series introduction by Terra Harmony

by - Tuesday, January 24, 2012

‘Water’ focuses on an ancient organization, the Seven, devoted to extraordinary beings that manipulate elemental magic. The Seven helps in resolving Earth’s environmental issues. The main character, Kaitlyn, is kidnapped and brought to the Seven headquarters where she learned the truth of her role as a Gaia.  Throughout the book, there are clear roots of Paganism and Witchcraft, nature-worship, and modern day environmentalism.

The action starts from the first chapter as Kaitlyn finds herself in the middle of an avalanche, then waking up in an unknown place with unknown people. Little does she know that she has been watched for a very long time, as she has powers that are strong and powerful. As she comes to grip with this knowledge and begins her training to be a Gaia, a whirlwind romance is thrown into the mix. Soon Kaitlyn finds herself headed out to her first assignment with the other members of the Seven. Things won’t go as planned and Kaitlyn must delve into her inner strength to survive.

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Or visit Terra’s website for more information about her elemental series.

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