Bringing Delaney Home (Cates Brothers #1) by Lee Kilraine

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Title: Bringing Delaney Home
Author: Lee Kilraine
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: February 2, 2016
Publisher: Lyrical Press, Inc.

In the sleepy town of Climax, North Carolina, all five Cates brothers are known for being tall, dark, and delicious. But each has his own incomparable love story...Quinn Cates has known Delaney Lyons forever. But after years away from home, Delaney's a changed woman. A mysterious accident she refuses to talk about has left her hurting--in body and soul--and acting out in dangerous, and occasionally entertaining, ways.

Quinn's on the local police force, so he's used to dealing with troublemakers. This one's pretty incorrigible--but he suspects her flippant exterior is hiding something softer and deeper inside. Every time he has to rescue Delaney from herself, his heart and his hormones both go into overdrive. But he owes it to Delaney's sister to keep an eye on her. He's got some experience with that after spending so much time at it back in high school...

Delaney just wants to fend off the gossips, fight off the pain of her past, and make her escape once again. But Officer Cates is ordering her not to leave town, and his interrogation techniques can be very persuasive...

*I received a copy of Bringing Delaney Home from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

Hot-looking brothers in a small town. Checked. 
Hot brother in a uniform. Checked. 
Woman with a mysterious past. Checked. 
Hot guy unravelling woman's mysterious past. Checked. 

That may have sounded clichéd, but those were the perfect concoction for a good, traditional romantic recipe. So what had gone wrong? 

I first requested the title from Netgalley because I just could not resist the cover and the blurb, it was sitting on my "pending" list for almost two weeks before it was approved and I am beyond excited to get started after that. I even ignored my exhaustion due to work and find the time for reading despite my early morning schedule, but it was disappointing that the book did not lived up to my expectations. 

But before that, 

The one thing I really loved about the book was the selflessness of the lead, Delaney. Her past was so dark and gruesome it managed to make me shed a few tears, not to mention she speaks directly of her mind and has to constantly remind herself to "be nice" to others. Delaney was a fun and interesting character to get to know, but she also came with a heavy baggage. I also liked that the book centres around second chances, not only in terms of love and romance, but also in life as the book depicts Delaney's road to recovery. It was inspiring! 

However, as much as I loved the idea of the hero rescuing the heroine from damnation (exaggeration is my forte, hahaha), the plot kind of fell flat for me and I could not see the nobility in the actions of the male lead, Quinn. It felt as if the story was not properly polished and developed, and most of the time the transition between the POV's were so sudden, I find myself caught up in the bundle of mess and trying to figure out where the story was left off. I had to reread the sentences twice just to get a hang of it, I guess that's the biggest downside of the book for me. 

The idea was perfect, but the execution was inadequate. The story really had potential, but unfortunately I was just a mere acquaintance with the characters, and that was a no-can-do for me. Nevertheless, it's a fairly interesting read and I am actually looking forward to the second book. I can never resist a sexy bunch of brothers,

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  1. I am sorry that this one didn't live up to all of your expectations. It sounds like there were some things that you did like since you plan to continue with the series. Great review!

    1. The book was okay, but I do wished that there were more depth to it. Hopefully the second one would turned out better!

  2. It is too bad that this wasn't quite what you were hoping for. This is my first time seeing t his book and I am not familiar with this author, so I do appreciate your review.

    1. Thank you! I will look forward to your review if you do happen to read this book :)


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