Three (Love by Numbers #3) by E.S. Carter

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Title: Three
Author: E.S. Carter
Genre: New adult, Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: November, 2015
Publisher:  Book Enthusiast Promotions

I am a son.
I am a brother.
I am an artist.
I am a student.
I am her student.

She was my first.
First infatuation, first ‘real’ kiss, first love, first.....

I gave her everything, including my body and would have given her more.
I gave her ‘I love you’ ….she told me her heart was filled by another, there was no room left for me.

We could never be.
What we did was wrong.
It didn’t feel wrong to me.

The deepest hurt is a love that you cannot have. It will last the longest, cut the deepest and feel the strongest. 
It is an imperfect love; a disfigured circle that never ends. 
You cannot control it; it's as simple as blinking and just like blinking the more you try to stop it, the more the pain consumes you.

This is book 3 in 'The Love by Numbers' series. 
Although it contains characters from the previous books, it can be read as a standalone.


My birth date, 
My lucky number, 
Always the third person. 

The first time I heard about the title, I knew this book is just for me. Like Liam, three is significant number in my life. Born on December 3rd, always ranked 3rd in my class, always the third person (odd numbered) person in my group of friends, to the point where whenever I glance at my clock, it would say 12:33. Call it coincidental, but I guess my fascination with number three has led me to this book.  

Even Katniss agrees with me :P
The book is a work of art, the words were deeply poetic and I was mesmerized from the start. Three was a rare occurrence where the main character Liam was portrayed as someone who was in tuned with his emotional/artistic side, thus life became his canvas and his emotions became his pastels. I really loved the fact that the story was developed based on the subject of art as it gives much more depth and foreshadowing to the plot. We were first introduced to Liam and Cari in an art class, where Liam developed a crush for Cari, whom happened to be his art teacher. With the taste of "forbidden" romance, my interest for three has only doubled and not dwindled (Well, I had my Twilight days :P). Although we were spared from the details of their relationship, we were then fast-forwarded to the aftermath of their break up and the story revolved around Liam's effort in seeking the truth behind his heartbreak. 

The book was fantastically written, even though some scenes in the books were overly dramatic, somehow those bombastic words seemed fitting considering the artistic nature of the characters. Liam had quickly became one of my favourite character in the book as he is calm and collected, yet erratic in expressing his thoughts on canvas. While most fictional guys are racing to show off their "macho-ness", Liam was a more subtle version of a hero that puts actions before words. 

The only thing I wanted more was for Liam and Cari's forbidden student-teacher relationship to be more developed prior to their break up, I would have been able relate better to Liam's heartbreak.

Overall, a mesmerizing read for you romance junkie out there! 

I even created my own fan art! 
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    1. (Those darn

      OMG!!!! How is it that I have not heard of this book?! This sounds so, so GREAT!! And I LOVE emo reads!! Yes, indeed I do!! Just from the synopsis and your excellent review, I already have a crush on It's just SO awesome when guys are poetic and romantic! Not many of them exist in the real world, so we need to find them in fiction. So, this book is DEFINITELY for me!! Besides, I studied art in college, so I like the fact that Liam is an artist.

      Thanks so much for putting this book on my radar! I'm rushing over to Goodreads to add it to my shelves!!!

      Old GFC follower! : )

  2. P.S. LOVE your fan art!!! <3 :)

    1. Thank you for your enthusiastic comment! It really made my day! :D I hope that you love it as much as I do! I totally agree with you! Poets are so sexy and hot! I think it's wonderful that you are studying art, then I guess this book would be a plus for you! :) Looking forward to hear your thoughts on Three. Happy reading!


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