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For the entire month of January, I am proud to feature author M.A. Grant,

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Marion Audrey Grant is fortunate to live in the rugged beauty of Alaska's Kenai Peninsula. She's believed in happy endings and true love since she was very young. Later in life, the realization that she had stories of her own to tell would lead her to graduate college with majors in Creative Writing and English. Thanks to her husband’s unending support, she now works as a scribe to the intelligent women and wounded heroes who need their stories told.

Reach her at:

Hello! Welcome to Dreamland Teenage Fantasy, my name is Natasha and I am so excited to have you guys on my blog today! Whispers to self: Stop squealing! Be professional! 

Maya chirps a quick hello before reaching up to brush some of her tightly curled hair behind her ear. She’s flawless in a tight, cream-colored dress and red heels. She leans forward slightly, all eager intensity, clearly used to dominating a stage with her presence. 

At her left, broad-shouldered, blond Jake leans back in his chair. He’s in jeans and a t-shirt that boasts his fire department’s crest. His fingers tap lightly against his thigh. The lines of fatigue that normally mar his features ease when he gives Maya an amused look, although a sly glance at her legs changes that amusement to something a little more heated.

Cat’s sitting on Maya’s right. Her long blonde hair is pulled back in a braid and her freckled face glows as she leans against Dallas. With her cut-off shorts and Miller’s Auto Shop polo, she looks more like an intern than the businesswoman who runs the shop. 

Tattooed arm wrapped around Cat’s waist, Dallas looks equally relaxed. His dark beard only draws attention to his easy grin. The fingers of his free hand, while callused from his mechanic’s work, brush back and forth over Cat’s elbow.

Before we start with the grueling questions (just kidding :P), using only three words, how would your friends describe you?

Maya and Cat look at each other and grin, while Dallas and Jake makes faces.
MAYA: Gorgeous, talented, and a ball-buster.
CAT: Smart, tenacious, and de-virginized!

Jake shudders, Dallas flushes, and the girls high-five each other.
JAKE: Adrenaline junkie.
DALLAS: Grease monkey.
JAKE: Stubborn.
DALLAS: Charming.
They eye each other.
JAKE and DALLAS: Best friend?

They grin at the cautious statement’s confirmation.

Maya and Jake, how has the whole couple life work out for both of you? With your past Maya, does it interfere with your relationship?

JAKE: Well, she moved in, so I think it’s working okay.
MAYA: It’s a challenge sometimes. Our schedules are pretty different now that Jake’s applying to be a captain and I’m doing acting and some modeling. I think the hardest part is that I’m not used to sharing my space, so we’ve had some fights over that.
JAKE: Discussions.
MAYA: Heated discussions. I’m still going to therapy and Jake comes sometimes, but we’ve been going less and less. Our ground rules have helped a lot.
JAKE: And she can finally say I love you without choking on the words.
MAYA: It gets easier every day.

What is it about your partners that you love and hate the most?

JAKE: Hate knowing how her dad used to treat her and how that messes with our relationship. Cat, cover your ears.
Cat rolls her eyes, but complies.
JAKE: Love the make-up sex.
MAYA: Hate that he runs into burning buildings. Love that he calls me after each fire to let me know he’s safe.
DALLAS: I love how she sees things I miss.
Cat pulls down her hands from her ears and squints at Dallas.
 CAT: What did you say?
DALLAS: You didn’t hear?
CAT: I was waiting for Jake to finish talking about sex since he thinks I don’t know that he and Maya do it all the time.
Maya laughs and Jake’s cheeks go red. Cat waves a dismissive hand at him.
CAT: Twenty-two, Jake. I may be sheltered, but I’m not stupid.
DALLAS: I said I love how you see patterns and shit that I miss all the time.
She lights up.
CAT: Really?
DALLAS: Yeah. But I still hate that you contemplated being with anyone but me.
CAT: It was your own fault, you idiot.
Dallas shrugs.
CAT: I hate that he never empties the vacuum canister. And I love watching him wipe lube off his hands.
She smiles sweetly at Jake.
CAT: I’ll let you figure out what kind I mean.

Jake, ever since your parent’s death, you had devoted yourself to make a living for both Cat and yourself. How did you find it in yourself to measure up to the roles of your parents?

Coughing fit over, he pulls himself together and runs a hand over his short hair.
JAKE: I’ve never lived up to them. They’re irreplaceable. But they taught me how to have a solid work ethic and to put others first, so I had the tools I needed to keep Cat safe. I had a trusted friend around and picked a job that supported me so I could keep supporting my sister. So it all worked out.
Cat reaches across Maya toward her brother, who takes her hand and squeezes it.

How is a typical Sunday like for you guys?

Jake and Maya exchange a knowing smile.
MAYA: Active.
JAKE: Very.
CAT: We go on drives together. His bike. Old Blue. We like to go exploring.
Dallas smirks.
DALLAS: Especially when we find places where no one is around.

Cat, you are one of my favourite person ever! And it’s not because you are innocent and sweet, but also because of your quirky sense of humor. Would you please share with us a funniest memory you had?

CAT: You’re too sweet! The funniest memory I have was trying to get Jake to explain sixty-nine to me. I have never seen him run out of the house so fast.
JAKE: There was a fire!
CAT: No, there wasn’t. You hid in your truck in the station parking lot until you thought I wouldn’t know. Nelson called me to ask why you were there on your day off. It was fine though. Dally explained it to me later.
Jake’s eyes narrow as he looks at his best friend.
JAKE: You didn’t!
Dally doesn’t seem the least embarrassed, or threatened by Jake’s death glare.
DALLY: I used age-appropriate terms.
CAT: I was eighteen.
DALLY: Didn’t it start, When two people love each other very much...?

Dallas, you were Cat’s best friend and has been nothing but a faithful companion by her side, and yet it took too long for both of you to realize that love is all it ever was. If you could travel back in the time, what is the one thing you would do differently?

DALLY: Gone to her graduation. It was easier for me to run away, but it hurt Cat to not have me there. And it’s something I can’t get back.

Cat and Maya, I always looked up to a lasting friendship and your friendship survived despite all the obstacles. What advices you could give to us about maintaining a long distance friendship?

MAYA: Technology helps a ton. Video chats, email, social media...
CAT: Cat videos.
MAYA: I hate when you tag me in those.
CAT: Except for the one that runs off the counter, right?
MAYA: Okay, that one’s pretty good.
CAT: We take trips together too, when we can. It’s always great to have a few uninterrupted girls’ days.

~ Quick fire questions ~

Best trait about yourselves?

DALLY: Loyal.
CAT: Optimistic.
MAYA: Adaptable.
JAKE: Driven.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

DALLY: Hell yes.
CAT: Yes.
JAKE: Hell no.

Favourite movie genre?

DALLY: Action.
CAT: Period dramas.
MAYA: Foreign.
JAKE: Boring, so I can fall asleep at the station.

Worst lie ever told?

DALLY: I didn’t want to sleep with Cat.
CAT: I liked Jake’s meatloaf. Years of suffering from that one.
MAYA: I don’t miss my mom.
JAKE: I don’t remember any of my fire victims.

What is your signature tagline?

DALLY: Hey, brown-eyes.
CAT: What a virgin wants, a virgin gets.
MAYA: Jake, this can’t happen again.
JAKE: Maya, this is a bad idea.

Pet peeves?

DALLY: Poorly tightened lug nuts.
CAT: People believing that no sane would woman would choose to be a virgin in her twenties.
MAYA: Awkward kissing scenes on stage.
JAKE: Turnouts not getting put away right.

If you have only 20 dollars in your bank account, what would you spend it on?

CAT: Pizza.
MAYA: Fresh flowers.
JAKE: Paying off Nelson for last week’s game.

Favourite day of the week? Why?

DALLY: Monday. I get to go to work with my woman.
CAT: Saturday, because it’s the lazy morning day.
MAYA: Wednesday night. DVR catch-up night.
JAKE: Tuesdays. Fewer calls.

What’s your favourite Halloween costume? Why?

DALLY: Sons of Anarchy. Don’t have to worry about covering my tats.
CAT: Frankenstein’s bride. I love her hair!
MAYA: Cleopatra. She was amazing.
JAKE: Fireman. No costume required.

What day of your life would you like to live over again?

DALLY: Cat, me, and Old Blue running out of gas.
CAT: My tenth birthday party at the boardwalk, with my parents, Jake, and Dally.
MAYA: Moving into the dorm and meeting Catherine for the first time.
JAKE: Calling my parents to tell them I’d gotten the highest test score at boot camp. They were so proud.

~ Dream Cast ~

Dallas: Alex Minsky
Cat: Nadine Leopold
Maya: Hayley Marie Norman
Jake: Jesse Spencer

That was epic-ly fun! Thank you guys for appearing in my blog today, I hope we would have a chance to catch up next time! If you have any questions to ask the author or the characters, feel free to comment down below! 

Have a great Sunday! 

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